SESSION VIII, 24th February: History and Cinema

Person in charge: Álvaro Sánchez (UAM)

Language: Spanish

Robert Rosenstone: “The Historical Film as Real History”. Film-Historia, 1 (1995), pp. 5-23

Hayden White: “Historiography and Historiophoty”, The American Historical Review, 93, 5 (1988), pp. 1193-1199

Pablo Iglesias Turrión: Maquiavelo frente a la gran pantalla. Cine y política, Akla, 2013 (capítulos 1 y 2)

Participants: Ainhoa Gilarranz, Irene Mendoza, Alejandro Camino, Juan Luis Simal, Javier Martínez, Darina Martykánová, Carlota Matesanz,  Javier Martín Romero, Daniel Estébanez, Daniel San Frutos, Rodrigo García, Alejandro García and Javier del Amo.


Images of the session:


Darina Martykánová

Darina Martykánová is historian, dealing mainly with Spain and the Ottoman Empire. She works at the Departament of Modern History of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Her research focuses on the history of professions and on transnational circulation of knowledge. Her second line of research concerns the redefinition of masculinites in interaction with the discourse of "progress of civilisation".

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