SESSION XIV, 12th June: the celebrity studies

Person in charge: Irene Mendoza (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

Language: Spanish


Su HOLMES y Sean REDMOND: “A journal in Celebrity Studies”, Celebrity Studies, Vol. 1, No. 1, marzo 2010, pp. 1-10.

P. David MARSHALL: “Part One. The Genealogy of celebrity. Introduction” en P. David MARSHALL y Sean REDMOND: A companion to Celebrity, John Wiley& Sons, 2016.

Isabel CLÚA: “III. Dejarse ver no es enseñarse: los usos de la imagen” en Isabel CLÚA: Cuerpos de escándalo. Celebridad femenina en el fin-de-siècle, Barcelona, Icaria, 2016, pp. 63-91.

Darina Martykánová

Darina Martykánová is historian, dealing mainly with Spain and the Ottoman Empire. She works at the Departament of Modern History of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Her research focuses on the history of professions and on transnational circulation of knowledge. Her second line of research concerns the redefinition of masculinites in interaction with the discourse of "progress of civilisation".

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