Spatial Dimensions of Expertise

This thematic area focuses on spatial dimensions of knowledge-production, on the ways in which expert knowledge shaped the space and in which the space has shaped expert knowledge.
– Exploring and questioning the centre – periphery as relevant categories in the analysis of knowledge-production
Lieux of Expertise: urban, rural, temporal (infrastructure projects, trials), embedded in or isolated from the community; this second point is closely linked to the Thematic Area 1 (local institutions and expert knowledge)

Darina Martykánová

Darina Martykánová is historian, dealing mainly with Spain and the Ottoman Empire. She works at the Departament of Modern History of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Her research focuses on the history of professions and on transnational circulation of knowledge. Her second line of research concerns the redefinition of masculinites in interaction with the discourse of "progress of civilisation".

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